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Sustainability Unit
Unit Study Guide

How green is Greenwich? Final Project 4Q

Space Unit
Unit Objectives and Study Guide
October Rocket Reflection Questions

Acids and Bases Presentation

Biosphere I Study Guide
Acid Rain Laboratory

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Human Performance: Unit Overview and Study Guide PDF Version
. Website Project .

FDA Website for Food Nutrition

Human Body: Pushing the Limits Video username: ghscardinal password: greenwich

Food Science Poster
Questions to research:
  • What is your macromolecule?
  • What is it used for in your body?
  • What is it's chemical structure? (diagram on your poster)
  • How many calories per gram?
  • Where is it found?
  • What is the recommended daily allowance for an athlete, elite athlete and teenager?
  • What are some interesting facts?
  • Where is Frederick Forsyth from? What's his most famous book
Food Science websites:
Sports Nutrition Facts


Honors Assignment: Periodic Trends
Website Performance Task
At the end of this unit you have the opportunity to show what you learned by building your own website! See the attachments below for details.

Website Performance Task details: website performance taskMLC.docx

This is the storyboard you will complete before you begin building your website. This storyboard is due on January 14. We will meet in a computer lab to start building the website, so it's very important that this storyboard is complete by then.
storyboard .pdf

Periodic Table showing Element Metals and Nonmetals as well as the Families/Groups (columns):
external image Periodic+TableMetal+Nonmetal.jpg

Sustainability Unit

Population Sir David A Video

Bioaccumulation Video:

Hypoxia Resources:


Fishing for Answers in the Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone

Hypoxia Animation

external image dead_zone_graphic.jpg

Survival Unit: Unit Overview

Survival Scenarios

Water Sanitation

Honors Assignment 1 Article with Table 3 for Honors Assignment 1

Starting a Fire
"Crash Box" Study Guide

Let it pop!

Light My Fire Data Table Template