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Survival Unit Study Guide and Outline


Survival Scenarios
Scenario List

Survival Scenario Response Template
Response Template

Grading Rubric

Sanitation Case Studies

Watch: Contagion (Optional)

Disease Transmission Lab (optional)

Our Savage Earth

Your teacher may elect to do either a presentation or an essay. Documents for both are found below.

Student Evaluation Survey:


Watch: "Megaquake: The Hour that Shook Japan" on Discovery Streaming (optional)

Solar Cooker Lab No Resources Necessary **

Melting Apples Laboratory (Optional)

Crash! Laboratory (or Duel of Fuel)

Crash Lab Questions

Objective: Design and conduct a lab experiments to determine which fuel source should be taken from the mini-mart to survive and catastrophic event.

Thermodynamics Practice Problems


Lost at Sea Lesson

Lost at Sea Spreadsheet

ISci Text: Group Work

Hunger Games: Marking the Text

Marking the Text Assignment
Hunger Games Scenario 1
Hunger Games Scenario 2
Hunger Games Scenario 3

Survival Stories

Alone in the Amazon