Mr. Goldstein's HW Assignments

HW Wed. 5/16/12
Study for QUIZ

HW Tue. 5/15/12
Complete your Sustainability Study Guide (Refer to pages 538-562 in your textbook to help)
Study for your QUIZ - Thurs 5/17 (Sustainability Unit)

HW Fri 5/4/12
You should be working on your "Greenhouse Gas" Lab (Due Wed5/9)

HW Tue 5/1/12
1. Finish Your Waste Management Plan for Greenwich (Poster & Presentation notes)
2. Continue to work on your Sustainability Study Guide (Refer to pages 538-562 in your textbook to help)

HW Wed 4/25
1. Please Report to the Media Center (Meeting Room 1) on Friday 4/27 for a Guest Speaker
2. "Lead in my Backyard" Article reflection questions (Due Friday 4/27)
3. Begin researching Waste Management Options for your Presentation ("Not in My Backyard" Assignment)

HW Mon 4/23
1. Finish & Submit by Midnight on Mon. 4/23 the three questions from the "Resource Management Case Study" (on Sustainability page of wiki)
2. Brownfields Task assignment - Due Wed. 4/25 (found on the Sustainability Resources page of the wiki)

HW Tue. 4/17/12
Complete the "Lorax" Reflection Questions

HW Thurs. 3/29
Space Colony Project Due Date Has Been Moved to Tues (4/3)
Continue with your research, design, and presentation

HW Mon.-Thurs. 3/26/12-3/29/12
Continue working on your Space Colony Project (Proposal & Presentation Due Fri. 3/30/12)
Reminder: Guest Speaker on Wed. 3/28 (Report to Media Center for Block 7 Class)

HW Fri. 3/23/12
Begin Researching Your Component of Your Group's Space Colony

HW Thurs. 3/22/12
Reflection on "Whether or Not We Should Continue to Explore Space"
Hint: Use the information you developed from "Why We Fly" and"NASA Spin Offs" to help you with your reflection

HW Fri. 3/16/12
Biosphere Reflection Questions
Reminder: There will be a QUIZ on Biospheres and Earth's Cycles (Water, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus) next week (most likely on Wed.)

HW Wed. 3/14/12
Biosphere Reflection Questions
Reminder: There will be a QUIZ on Biospheres and Earth's Cycles (Water, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus) next week (most likely on Wed.)

HW Tue. 3/13/12
Finish the Biosphere Review Packet

HW Mon. 3/12/12
Complete the "Biosphere Assessment" (located on the Goldstein page of the wiki)
Complete the "Science Survey (Winter 2012)" located on the Home page of the wiki

HW Wed. 2/29/12
Finish your research on the Water cycle, Carbon Cycle, and Nitrogen Cycle that you started in class today.
Make sure you have notes/diagrams to help you when designing you Biosphere project/lab.
The beginning of the design phase will be tomorrow!

HW Thurs. 2/23/12
1. Reflection Paragraph on the Drake Equation (Due Fri. 2/24 in class)
2. "Acid Rain" Lab Report is due Friday 2/24 by Midnight
3. Study for QUIZ on "Acids/Bases and Acid Rain" Wed. 2/29 (complete the Acid Rain Study Guide to help prepare for quiz)

HW Tue. 2/21/12
1. Complete your "Drake Equation" calculations for predicted worlds that could support life (Due Thurs. 2/23)
2. Answer reflection questions 1-7 on the back of the Blue Drake Equation Handout (Due Thurs. 2/23)
3. "Acid Rain" Lab Report is due Friday 2/24 by Midnight

HW Fri. 2/3/12
1. Finish Reading and Annotating the article we started in class "Newest Alien Planet a Candidate for Life" (PDF copy is on the Space Resources page)
2. In 2-3 sentences MAX, what is this article all about? What is the point the author is trying to make?

HW Wed. 2/1/12
1. Start reading Chapter 15 in your textbook "Beyond Earth"
2. "Habitable Planet" activity will be due by the end of class on Friday, so you may want to do some additional research at home!

HW Fri. 1/13/12
1. Finish your "Polymer Stretch Bands" Lab - Electronic submission due Wed. 1/18/12 by midnight
2. Complete the "Polymers in Sports" Activity (Located on the Human Performance Page) - Due Wed. 1/18/12 by midnight

HW Mon. 1/9/12
Complete the "Nutrition Assessment" located on the Wiki on the Goldstein Page

HW Fri. 1/6/11
1. Complete your Polymers Packet that was started in class
2. Read pages 318-328 in your Textbook

HW Tue. 1/3/12
Complete your Nutritional Plan for 1 Day (Accounting for the correct # Calories, grams of Carbs, grams of Protein, Calories from Fat)
Be sure to show your calculations, show your food totals for each component, and can explain what you did

HW Mon. 12/19 through Fri. 12/23
Continue to enter your food and drink intake into your "Livestrong" account

HW Tue. 12/13/11
Study for QUIZ (Wed. 12/14) on Atoms, Bonding, Periodic Table
- Study/Review Sheet for quiz is located on the "Human Performance Resources" page
Finish the Review sheet for HW so you can ask questions Wed. before the quiz

HW Mon. 12/12/11
Read in Textbook the section on Covalent Bonding

HW Wed. 12/7/11
1. Study for QUIZ - Bonding, Electrical Circuits & Electrolytes (Quiz will be on Thurs. 12/8)
2. Finish Atomic Structure Chart that was started in class

HW Tue. 12/6/11
Study for QUIZ - Bonding, Electrical Circuits & Electrolytes (Quiz will be on Thurs. 12/8)

HW Fri. 21/2/11
1. Complete the "Ohm's Law" Circuits handout using the PHET simulation website (which is on the top of the HW handout)
2. If you didn't get to it in class, complete the "Bonding Assessment #2" which is located on the Wiki (Goldstein Tab)

HW Thurs. 12/1/11
1. Review in you notes or look up the terms Voltage, Resistance, and Current along with the relationship between the three

HW Tue. 11/22/11
1. Finish "Sports & Electrolytes" Lab - Due Thurs. 11/24/11 by Midnight
2. Hydration Pamphlet - Due Monday after Thanksgiving 11/28/11 (by Midnight)

HW Fri. 10-28-11
1. Research your part of the "Savage Earth: Natural Disasters" Newscast - Due Monday 10/31
(remember to use some of the suggested resources found on the Wiki on the Survival Resources page

HW Thurs. 10-27-11
1. Complete your draft of the full lab report of "water sanitation lab"

HW Tue. 10-25-11
1. Complete the "water sanitation assessment" located on the "Goldstein" page on this wiki
2. Write up your Introduction, Materials List, and Lab Procedure for the "Water Sanitation" Lab

HW Mon. 10-24-11
1. Complete your "Problem Statement" for the Water Sanitation Lab
2. Create a draft of your "Procedures" for the Water Sanitation Lab

HW Wed. 10/19/11
1. Complete the Solar Cooker Assessment HW and Finish your labeled diagram of your solar cooker. (Due Friday 10/21 for All Students)
2. Honors Option Lab Experimental Design for Solar Cooker is due on Monday 10/24

HW Tue. 10/18/11
1. Complete you design/diagram of your Solar Cooker. Be sure to include labels and explanations of where the relevant science concepts are incorporated into your solar cooker. (DUE Friday 10/21)

HW Tue. 10/10/11
1. Revisions to "Everest Fuels" Lab can be made tonight (if you want)
2. Energy QUIZ will be Tomorrow (Wed. 10/11/11)

HW Thurs. 10/6/11
1. Work on your lab write up for "Light My Fire: 2 - Different Fuels" (Write up due on Friday 10/7/11 by Midnight - Google Docs Submission)
2. Study for QUIZ on Tuesday (See "Topics List")

HW Fri. 9/30/11
1. Work on your lab write up for "Light My Fire: 2 - Different Fuels" (Write up due on Thursday 10/6 by Midnight - Google Docs Submission)
2. Watch "Everest" video clip on Survival Resources Page of the Wiki

HW Wed. 9/29/11
1. QUIZ on Friday on Energy
2. Complete Energy "Flip Chart"
3. Any and All Revisions to your "light my fire" lab must be made by midnight Wed. 9/29/11

HW Tue. 9/28/11
1. Any and All Revisions to your "Light My Fire" Lab write-up must be completed by Midnight on Wed. 9/29
2. Work on completing your Types of Energy Flip chart for your notes

HW Fri. 9/23/11
1. Complete "Light My Fire" Lab Write-UP (including both the lab questions & lab reflection)
2. Electronically Submit "Light My Fire" lab to me via Google Docs by MONDAY 9/26 (share it with me so I can Edit and comment)

HW Mon. 9/19/11
1. Read Text Pages Relevant to this unit (found on page 2 crossword of review packet)
2. Complete Review Packet (Due Thurs. 9/22)
3. Preliminary plan for "Light My Fire Part 2" - How will you go about starting your fire with your "crash site kit"? (Due Wed. 9/21)
4. Contribute to the Google Docs file on Voltage, Current, Resistance (Due Wed. 9/21)

HW Fri. 9/16/11
1. Don't Forget to have your Safety Contracts Signed and Turn Them In !
2. Brainstorm and draft how you might start a fire in a survival situation applying what you learned about Combustion Reactions
3. Honors Options Contracts are due by Friday 9/30/11

HW Tue. 9/13/11
1. After Reading your Survival Story of Choice from Mon., Reflect on what aspects of P.L.A.N. as learned in class were used by those in the story.
2. Reflect on what the characters in the story might have done differently that would have improved their chances of survival

HW Mon. 9/12/11__
1. Complete "on-line" survey (link found on resources page)
2. Read one of the Survival stories ("Alive" or "Yossi")