Block 3- population pyramid for smart growth community due Fri. 5/24

Ad #2- Energy Due:

Block 3- Wed. 5/29

Block 1- Tues. 5/28

Quiz Thursday 5/16- Be able to identify one benefit and one drawback for each type of energy source (renewable and nonrenewable).

Waste Management AD is due Monday 5/20!!

Due 5/9 for block 1, 5/10 for block 3
Draft of persuasive essay
Block 1- Quiz 5/9, check email for details

Due 5/2 block 3, 5/3 block 1
1. Create an action plan: Come up with 7 ways/ things that you can do to personally reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the environment.

2. Greenwich has a mandatory recycling program, visit the website, and create a list of items that can and cannot be recycled or thrown in the trash.

Quarter 3 homework

Homework During April Break

Answer the following reflection questions:
1. Discuss the real life application of the Space Manual Project you completed.-- Make connections to the video.
2. Sustainability- This question is to get you thinking about the upcoming unit.
Explain your concept of sustainability and ways you personally can help the sustainability of the Earth and ways a town can help.

Here is the link to the video for those students that weren't in school to watch it:

Study for Quarter 3 Quiz!
Tues. 4/9- Block 3
Wed. 4/10 Block 1

Final Project- Due Monday April 8

Everything MUST be typed for the final project with the exception of your power system diagram and the table describing how each section of the EMS is used by satellites to study different parts of Earth, which was done in class.

As of Tues. 4/2 you should have the communication system and the power system requirements completed as well as the scientific inaccuracies journal entry.

Block 3- Due 3/27
Block 1- Due 3/28
One page typed, double space journal entry describing two scientific inaccuracies in the film Red Planet and a more realistic version of what it should be like.

Block 1 and 3- Biosphere component of final project. Complete the section on components of your biosphere and how they relate to the cycles and the section after 1.5 weeks explaining why things are still living or why they have died and include your observations.

Block 1- Extremophile presentation due Monday 3/18

TYPED Acid Rain Lab Report: Block 1- Due Mar 12
Block 3- Due Mar 14
Include the following:
IV, DV, Constants, hypothesis
Procedure (detailed)
Data table
conclusion (explain results, address the purpose, include data)

Block 3- Extremophile presentations due Wednesday March 13. Please share the google presentation with me.

Feb 25- Write a one page story of the life of a water molecule: must go through entire water cycle and include 6 of the vocab words learned today. Be sure to underline these terms.

Due Feb. 8- Block 1: Research the picture assigned to you on the powerpoint and prepare a 30 second presentation.

January 31 block 3- Research one piece of technology or step in your action plan for colonizing life on a planet with the specific property you were assigned.

Semester 1 Homework
Continue working on your website. The final website product is due Wednesday January 23!
Work on midterm review packet.

Build a menu Due Tues. Dec 18

Robeks Activity Due Monday Due:
Dec 10 Block 1
Dec 11 Block 3

Wed. Nov 28
Block 1- Calculating protons, neutrons, and electrons worksheet.

Thur Nov 15
Block 1-
  • research the six methods for the dirty water lab and list the advantages and disadvantages of each. The six methods were carbon filter, micrometer filter, UV light, Iodine, Chlorine, and boiling.
  • Finish the vaccine webquest EXCLUDING the last question because the link doesn't work

Block 3-
Dirty water lab report is due tomorrow

Monday Nov 12 Block 3
Backpack project is due! Don't forget that it needs to be in the form of either a pamphlet, wiki page, poster, powerpoint, etc.
ALSO- Look up any answers to the Natural Disaster worksheet we worked on in class that you weren't able to answer.

Wed. Nov 7
Hand in THREE more completed items for your backpack project. Include the science concepts (highlighted), how each item is related to the habitat you chose, and list an advantage and disadvantage for each item.

Friday Oct. 26
Hand in THREE completed items for your backpack project. Include the science concepts (highlighted), how each item is related to the habitat you chose, and list an advantage and disadvantage for each item.

Block 1- Honors assignment due Friday Oct. 19.
Savage Earth presentations Mon. Oct 22

Block 3- Let it Pop lab report due Wed. Oct. 17.
Honors Assignment for solar cooker due!
Savage Earth presentations due Wed. Oct. 24

Bring in a notebook for class on Tuesday! Oct. 9

Bring in material to make a solar cooker!!
Study for the quiz that will be on Thursday Oct. 4!!

Block 1- Finish Crash lab- Due Tuesday! Oct. 2
Block 3- Finish crash lab and double-sided worksheet with thermo calculations- Due Monday! Oct. 1

Thermo Calculations worksheet- due Thursday Sept. 27