Waste Management Notes will be up on the website tomorrow! I downloaded it as a smart notebook file, not a pdf. It will be fixed tomorrow and you will have an extension until Monday for your Waste Management Plan.

Space Colony Evaluation

Hi ISci Students,
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please keep track of the upcoming assignments so you do not fall behind.
1. Cycle Essay - Check to see any comments or work on your essay on Sunday.
2. NASA Spinoff Project: Your group needs to create an article for the top 5 innovations in your category. One member (the first one to get to the homework and realizes there is not a document made) should create a document for the article. You will need to create an introduction paragraph for technology and your topic. You will also need to write 2 paragraphs about each of the top 5 innovations. This means 6 total paragraphs for 3 team members. Please divide accordingly! You can communicate on the google document or by email.
School email is easiest for everyone since it is simply everyone's names. If you need help contacting a group member, please email me.
first.last@greenwichschools.org. Everyone's emails are also on this email as well if you look who this was sent to.

3. Biosphere reflections by Wednesday! Please share on google docs with me.

Enjoy your weekend!
:) Mrs. Farnum

Why We Fly

Titan Pad Block 1

Biosphere test 1