Energy: Photo Study Guide


external image kinetic_energy.jpg
This is an excellent representation of kinetic energy because when one end of the Newton's Cradle is lifted and dropped, the force travels through the line and pushes the other end up. Kinetic energy is the energy that occurs from motion. The force that caused the balls on the cradle to move up was caused by Kinetic energy. Therefore, this picture of the Newton's Cradle is a perfect example of kinetic energy.
Sarah Howard

  • Chemical Potential:

external image 41aulpJ9IAL._SL500_AA280_.jpg

This is a great representation of chemical potential because
the pizza contains chemical energy that gets digested in your body which produces a change in the system (your body).

-Chase W.

Where is chemical potential on the picture above?
  • Elastic Potential
external image bow.gif

Gabi Blaine-
An arrow drawn in a bow is a example of elastic potential energy because elastic potential energy can be a result of stretching. The more a material is stretched the more energy is created. So the further you stretch a bow the more energy is created which can cause the arrow to go a certain distance or speed.
  • Gravitational Potential

This picture is showing a "gravitational potential energy" because before you throw the ball it should get kinetic energy by then when it bounces off it recieves a potential energy because the
energy from kinetic was stored inside or somewhere in the ball which is called potential and now it is up to the gravity on where it takes the ball up to. If the person threw the ball downwards
with his/her energy the most likely to bounce the opposite way which is upward, it is the point where you can't control where it bounces.

external image potential-energy-derivation.jpeg

external image coasterpeg.gif
In this picture it is showing Potential Gravitational Energy. It is showing this because the ball is in the air being pulled down by gravitational pull. It is being pulled down because its lighter than air. The ball is working by the law of gravity, what comes up must come down. It shows how high it is in the air and no matter how much anything weighs they will hit the ground at the same time because of the laws of gravity.
Tobitexternal image kenetic-cougar.jpg