Energy Systems 3

Thomas Byrne:
external image vegetable+soup+crock+pot+009.JPG

This is an excellent representation of energy because it shows conduction in a pot that is being heated
conduction energy is heat energy by direct contact
-Ellie Flanagan

electrical energy --> thermal energy
convection/conduction cook the food increasing their kinetic energy.

Ellie Flanagan:

external image cloudeffect2.jpg

external image cond_conv_rad_small.jpg

This is an excellent representation of the energy because it shows us the difference or the concept of the
three energy transfers that conduction is transfered by direct contact, radiation is transfered by
electromagnetic radiation, and that convection is transfered by the mass motion of molecules.

-Mana Fujiwara

Princess Rhada

external image 03-08-heat-energy-xfer.jpg
This is a great picture of thermal energy because it present on how the heat moves around such as Radiation.
Radiation is when heat was formed into waves most likely in gas and somehow you will feel the heat from a distance by radiation while convection is a way
of heat transfer in circular motion of the heated parts of a liquid or gas such as what shown in this picture the hot water rises to the top and the cooler water sinks. and Hot air rises and cool air sinks while conduction is when heat travels along in an object and when you touch it the heat transfers immediately.